Big Oak Tree

by T. Lynn

Tommy was eleven and Sabrina soon would be.
Every morning they would meet beside the big oak tree.
In the summer, they would play together in the sun
And sit beneath the big oak tree when the day was done. 

One time when they were talking of growing up some day
They agreed they'd meet back there and maybe even stay.
By the big oak tree they could build a little home
And they would be together and neither one would roam. 

When Tommy was thirteen and Sabrina soon would be,
They stood together one last time beside the big oak tree.
Tommy had to leave for his family soon would move.
He took his pocketknife and in the big oak made a groove. 

The groove was Tommy's simple way of giving her his word.
As he spoke so softly, this is what Sabrina heard:
"On your eighteenth birthday, I'll return to our oak tree.
Then we will be together forever--you and me." 

City life was hectic and the years did quickly fly.
Tommy never once forgot Sabrina's last good-bye.
He had marked the calendar each year on her birthday.
Soon he'd see the big oak tree and, maybe, even stay. 

He would hold Sabrina's hand; together they'd agree
To stay beside each other--close to the big oak tree.
Tommy headed for the tree one Sunday afternoon.
It was her eighteenth birthday and he would see her soon. 

When Tommy reached the tree, he found a written note.
It was from Sabrina's mom, and here is what she wrote:
"Sabrina cannot meet you; she won't be here today.
In this envelope is what Sabrina has to say." 

He opened up the letter and his hands began to shake.
As he read Sabrina's words, his heart began to break.
"Tommy, dear, I know that you are standing by our tree.
When you see a big oak tree, always think of me. 

"I won't be here to meet you; the Angels came my way.
Nothing else would keep me from meeting you today.
Look up in the sky, and you'll know that I can see
You standing there and waiting--beside our big oak tree."