Table For Two

by Patrick Owen Fabian

There was a new restaurant that opened in St. Ellen's St. It had a medium sized sign that read Le Croix. It seemed to have fine food, that had been cooked by the finest chefs they could possibly find. And the service was fair. The waiters and waitresses seemed to be fitting for a five star restaurant like this. Many have come back because of the fine service and exquisite food.

But for one particular man, he came for one thing and one thing only. This beautiful waitress named Amy. She had gorgeous chocolate brown hair that only went up to her chin. She had blue sapphire eyes that any man can get lost into. Cherry colored lips that can make any man want to crash his own lips with hers. And a body so irresistible, jealousy flows into any woman that sets eyes on her.

He had known her for a while, but just kept asking them to let her serve him. But so far, that is as far as it had ever gone. He would come there, even if he would only order a salad or two. And he had come to realize that it was time to make a move.

Tonight, he was going to ask her out. And in a very unusual way. He had thought this through and decided to stick with it. Apparently, he had never done this before.

Later that night, he had dressed himself nicely. Of course, he wanted to look nice for the woman he had loved for a while.

Love? Is that what this is? For heaven's sake, they don't even know that much about each other. Or in her case, nothing about him at all. Either this is one of those 'love at first sight' things, or he was just crazy.

Most likely just crazy.

But it was too late for that now. He had already gone in. All he has to do is to be smooth, play it safe, and stick to the plan. It was a simple, and yet unusual plan.

O, if this actually works, this will go directly into the arsenal of all single men. He just knew it.

“Yes sir? Would you be dining with us tonight?” the waiter by the entrance asked.
He nodded. “Yes.”

“Alright, table for one--”

“Actually,” the man cut in. “For two please.”

“Right away sir,” the waiter said. “Please let me show you to your seat.”

Alright, first step done. He followed the waiter to a seat. It was just by the window, it had a magnificent view of the city. And the moon was shining brightly tonight. The perfect night to do this.

“Right, now just sit tight and I will have someone to serve you tonight,” the waiter said.

“Um, actually I already have one in mind,” the man said.

“Oh, and who may that be sir?”

“Uh, may I ask for Amy to wait on me please?”

The waiter smiled. “So you are the one she was talking about.”


“Never mind sir. I will tell her to serve you tonight.”

He nodded. “Thank you so much.”

And with that he went off to find Amy, leaving the man to question.

'She talked about me?' he thought. 'Wow, that's nice. But, she actually remembered me?'

“Excuse me, sir?”

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a very familiar voice. He turned to where the voice came from. Oh god, it was her! Amy! Alright, now to put the main part of his plan into action.


“Oh, hello,” he said.

“Nice to see you again sir,” she said with her usual caring smile.


“So Tony told me that this was a table for two am I right?”

He nodded. “Correct.”

“Are you expecting your companion to arrive soon?”

“Actually, she's already here.”

She looked around. “She is? Is she waiting in another table?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Would you like to sit down?”

That's when she knew who that certain someone was. And she now knew why he kept coming back. And why he kept asking for her.

But it really didn't take a genius to figure that one out.

She could feel a blush overcome her cheeks. “Oh. Um, I don't know.”


She saw the look in his eyes. Did she really have a choice?

Not really.

She smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

He smiled back and pulled a chair for her. They talked for nearly twenty minutes before Amy really had to get back to work. But that didn't end there. Before she went back to work, she gave him her number.

Inside, he was overjoyed. And suddenly, hungry. He ordered a salad and left after he paid. He would call her later that night.

Weeks have passed and he and she had gotten to know each other more. Soon, they started going out. And with no surprise, Le Croix had been his favorite restaurant since. And whenever he went there, he would ask the waiter by the entrance...

"Table for two please."