Innocent Love

by Paul Richards

It was an IT professional training Institute where a girl and a boy had been attending the training for up to hardly 5 months. The first time he saw her, thought she is too caring and too professional. This boy had never dreamt at that time that he'll fall in love with her in future. 

Up to 3 months time has passed with a hectic training schedule not even got a time to date and have some entertainment stuffs. There were some of the IT policies in the Technologies limited which restricts the students - "a must pass situation". Unfortunately these two people has flunked in the second exams. From here life has taken control over them and made them to sit aside for the preparation towards the exams. Yes they got the nearby computers for the preparation The preparation period is for about 2 weeks. As situation goes like this, without his knowledge he started liking her childish behaviours. They were got close together on this period.

After 2 week passed on he comes to know that she is in love with another person who is in her hometown. This boy doesn't have the brave to take control over her to propose and convince her. He started loving her deeply without knowing wat would happen in future. In every doings and movements of that girl he has been admired. But still he didn't proposed. 

The results were revealed about the confirmation of employees in the company (IT). Horrible! the boy has been terminated from the company since he didn't cleared the final one, but she has scored good enough grades and got the confirmation. Two unforgettable things were there for that boy, 1 - he has been terminated from that company stating that "low performance" and another important thing - He is going to leave his soul, love, breath, everything - yes he is going to miss her. Actually he had never let his tears from his eyes since he cried for the death of his grandpa two years before. But at this time, his love in one side and his profession on another side he was in a great miserable situation. She sat by his side at that situation like a mother who cares for his baby when it cries and gave lot of comfort to that guy. He never cried like that before. The only hope he had was - that she will by his side.

But after time passed on he is not capable of resisting her separation. He started sending mails and mails to her stating that he is missing her too much. Its all fate, since she is in love with someone she restrained herself in some situations. now this guy is somewhat managed to get a job outside his home town staying alone with her beautiful memories. He goes on calling her and tried to share that how much he loves her, but its a "cat on wall" situation for her, cannot leave her love and accept him , but on one side this guy is ready to die as well for her. From the childhood onwards he had never been in these kind of situation and never spoiled himself like this. Still he is waiting for her that she will come to know that how much that he is loving her than anyone. Since, everybody is human, have to follow the ethic and go with the family. Now he is passing his time by sitting in the lawn and thinking her in the night up to 2 or 3am and even more. Innocent will always have to suffer these kind of things. 

Now he is going towards the last days of his life. Horrible. Since he come to know that she'll be never to him he has been paralysed and lying in the bed as a dead body. Only breath is there and nothing more, his room is covered with her photos they had took together and her gifts for the birthdays and lots more. Love makes everything happen 'good and bad'. Only time has to answer for this persons awaiting. "Innocent Love"