Dreams Do Come True

by SweetDreams

"Close your eyes" Maryian said..
"And the first thing you think of is.. what you really desire..."
I did and all I could see was Him...
Yes, my dream crush, Brandon Marshall, that tall dark and handsome guy who I watched every Thursday mourning at my job.. He would deliver packages.
I knew every girl practically loved Brandon, he was gorgeous, he looked as if he stepped out of a model ad for Tommy Hilfiger ad. I mean it wasn't just his looks the boy had a personality, he spoke Italian, his mom was part that and he can cook a mean Lasnaga .. so i heard.. well one day while dreamin' about my future "hubby" lol.. i drifted off to a dream of him and me kissing by the pond out there near the park.. i always wanted to just be with him doing something sweet.. but I was just average girl.. don't get me wrong i was cute.. not as cute as Arie` (Are-Ree) his ex-girl miss model- she was skinny- well any ways all I wanted to do was get lost in his hazel browns and kiss his soft lips till I couldn't kiss him anymore. So one day while talking to the customer at the coffee shop. Brandon came in just as he usually did every Thursday with a hand full of boxes delivering packages. There stood this fine 6' hazel eyes full lips curly hair guy. My heart danced as he came near- could it be he's finally going NOTICE me!!!.. so he looks at my way- i die!! he than smiles- i look to see if any girl was behind me. My Co-worker, Maryian was smiling tords me- she knew i liked him- hello! he's all i talk 'bout since i first saw him, well anyways here he comes closer- i feel sweaty and my hear pounds a mile a minute- sounds of love music plays in my mind- 
Well he comes near and says.. , So, i noticed you cutie what's your name?
"I was shaking and i told him it's , "NaTasha"
He than looked in my eyes i felt so happy...
he than than took my hand and kissed it and said.. he been noticing me every time he was shy and he couldn't keep his feelings in any longer.
I nearly fainted...
He than asks me down near the pond by the park downtown my dream spot..
I agree..
So later we I meet him there he's looking even cuter under moonlight.
He brings a CD Boombox and bottle of wine with two glasses.
He lays out a blanket and bends over ( nice butt =) } anyways he turned on the Radio.. and 'butterflies'- By Michael Jackson flows through the air. He than pulls me near and looks in my dazed my eyes.. and i feel dizzy in his arms - i wonder am i dreaming?
well he whispers.. to me "Il vostro così bello stasera"- Speaking Italian-I ask him what he just said he said "Your beautiful tonight"
It sounds good in any language i thought.
He than holds me tight and we dance slowly to the music.. his hands explore me and my heart beats to every touch. He slightly pulls away and looks me in my eyes and than he kisses my lips and i swear i felt my heart stop the world froze and than something took over my body. He than pulls away and kisses me again. I feel rain drops touch my skin as it lightly pours. we still dance and kiss in the rain. He than pulls away a he lays me out on the blanket and he lays besides me he pours the wine and we talk about everything and i feel im fallin' in love with him and i knew that my heart was his now. He took his hands and lightly touched my face and my heart jumped. He looked in my eyes and he smiled. We cuddled as it slightly rained- ROMANTIC!!! anyways he said he liked me the whole time and he was shy and now that he has me- he wouldn't let me go so easy/ I was very happy as we laid there most of the night just talking about life.. well about a year later.. we married and now we still come back to this spot to dance....and talk till the sunrise.. love happened to me and i say hey as much as you think he'll never be yours. think again Love will happen if it's suppose to happen ..Remember that.