by Patrick Owen Fabian

Life. A simple thing humans have. It is giving. Cherished. Limited.

All humans’ days are numbered. And there’s no changing it. Not many have the right set of mind to make the most of what they have in life. They can take life for granted, and never give a damn about its consequences. 

They treat it like shit, and soon pay a price that would cost them dearly…

Their life…

They would either rot six feet under in a coffin that will soon wither and let in the soils parasites for feeding. Or they would end up like me…

I am Leila. And I’m a six-hundred-year-old vampire. I had lived in England ever since birth. And I traveled to America shortly after I have gained this immortal gift…

Or better yet…curse.

I am not entirely sure how I became this way. It all happened so fast and it was so long ago, the details are sketchy.

I try not to think about my past too much; since I heard a saying that yesterday was the past. And today is now.

Plus I haven’t really done much in my human life and I regretted it after I turned. So now I try to make the most of what I have. Though I cannot die of age, I might as well die of being slain. Which is highly unlikely.

How will anyone figure out that I’m a vampire anyway?

As the years went by, I have easily adapted myself to changes. Soon, horses were replaced by cars. Mails were replaced by cell phones.

And these outfits! Not sure why, but low jeans and short tops have become very popular among the female race. It’s like they all wanna attract attention.

But hey, if I wanna fit in I might as well go with the flow. But I still wonder how they can stand it? Every girl, showing off some or a lot of skin. Don’t they feel cold? Well I wouldn’t know. I cannot feel hot or cold.

It’s a real drag, not being able to feel pain. And I cannot even eat real food! I had to feed on the blood of animals for crying out loud! And once the 20th Century kicked in, I had to change my diet into something more…artificial.

I’m talking about all those blood packets they have in the hospitals for donors. I had to make up a lot of excuses to get my meal. I needed blood, so I had to lie for my meal.

It was so hard, I hate lying! I didn’t want dishonesty to be a part of my personality in my immortal life. If God’s given me all the time in the world to be righteous I would. But I needed to lie to have a meal.

Then I met Joe, a staff member of the Green Lake Hospital in Georgia. He worked in the hematology department. He was only twenty-one when I met him. He was a kind-hearted guy that always looks out for others he cared for.

When we first met, he noticed how pale I looked and wanted to take me in for a few tests on my blood. I told him it wasn’t necessary for I knew what was wrong.

I told him what I really was…and I was surprised he didn’t think I was crazy or he didn’t run away. He was understanding and loyal to his very core. I cherished our friendship so much.

He used to secretly pack a few blood packs into his knapsack before going home. He gave them to me for me to feed. Such a sweet guy!

But he was stealing for me. And I felt guilty for that. Other people need that blood, more so than me. It wasn’t my place to take blood from the hospital.

I told him to stop after the third month and he quickly understood. I loved that guy.

But alas, he didn’t have much time. A week after he stopped giving me packs; he was hit by one of the ambulances on his way to work.

No one had bothered to pick him up until a good half-hour. Such heartless bastards!

I wanted to see him, but they told me it was too late. He didn’t get treatment soon enough. He was dead.

I felt like crying after so many years. But no tears have escaped my eyes. I might have used them all up when I first became a vampire.

I was hurt, but I couldn’t cry.

As years went by, I saw all the people I held deeply in my heart wither away through age, sickness, and murder. I, a creature that cannot die of natural causes, have witnessed all my friends die before me.

It ached my heart so, and I just wanted my life to end. But I can’t…

I know not of the consequences for taking one’s life. I feared the unholy way of ending my own life. I did not dare myself to even try to gather up the courage to commit my own suicide.

So…I went on…

May 15, 2009…

I walked down the street of D. Lerontz Street, coning home from another hard day at work. Things have gotten pretty busy in the office. Files needed to be sorted, evaluations needed to meet their deadlines, and all the other crap we do in work.

I didn’t feel tired, but I had enough of work for one day. I wanted to go home. I glanced at my watch.

11:35 p.m.

I missed my favorite soap today. Ah well. Good thing I had it recorded. I can always watch it when I get—

Wait. What’s that smell?

I sniffed the air some more. My nose caught an intoxicating scent from somewhere at the apartments above. For some reason, my legs began to move on their own.

Before I know it, I leaped high up into the air and landed on the railing of the fire escape on the fifth floor. I looked through one window and froze…

I saw a beautiful woman lying down on her bed. Her sleepwear was nothing but a green bra and matching jammies. Her skin was almost as pale as mine, but not quite. She had freckles in some parts of her face, neck and body. Her hair was a light hazelnut color and seemed to have reach down to her shoulders. Her peach-colored lips gave me an urge to crash my own lips onto hers…

Wait, WHAT?!?! What am I thinking?! She’s a girl, and I’m a girl for crying out loud!

I then saw a smile appear on her face.

“I know you’re out there,” she said, peeking through one eye.

I gasped in surprise. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you…”

She shook her head and got up. “It’s fine. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” She walked over to me, her angelic smile still on her face. “Is there any reason for you to be up here, peeking through my window though?”

For some reason, I blushed at that question. How was I supposed to answer? Am I really supposed to tell her that I was drawn by a scent from her that made my cravings go high?

I doubt it.

“Um…no reason. I was just uh…” I struggled for an excuse, but my lack of experience and motivation in lying made it pretty hard.

She giggled and held out a hand. “Nevermind. Why don’t you try coming down from there and get in here?”

I looked at her hand in curiosity. Was she really welcoming me into her apartment? Me, of all people, a stranger that she has no idea am a vampire?

She must be nuts!

But reluctantly, I took her hand and got off the railing. She led me into her apartment and motioned me to sit with her. I sat down on her bed, still contemplating on what is happening.

Regretfully, I couldn’t help but stare at her bare body. Her chests were nearly out in the open, but the bra did only as much to cover it. Her stomach was nice and flat. And her pants complemented her legs really well…

Am I…am I sexually attracted to this woman?

She noticed my stare and grinned. “Enjoying the view?”

This girl is so forward! If only she knew what I really was—

“Nice teeth by the way.”

I was taken aback by that complement. It was then I realized my teeth were bare and my fangs were exposed. I quickly shut my mouth and looked away.

“Um, I have this condition—“

“No need to explain,” she interrupted. “You’re a vampire. I get it.”

I looked back at her with shock. “You do? And you’re not scared?”

She shook her head. “Nah. Takes more than vampires to scare me. Besides, you ain’t scary. You look normal to me. And kinda cute.”

Very forward…


She giggled. “You’re welcome.” The odd girl lay back on her bed, stretching her body. I bit my own lip to ease the urge to bite her. With all that open skin, I have the perfect opportunity to grab her and sink my teeth into any part of her body I want.

I wasn’t just hungry…I was lusting for this woman.

But why? Why did I have to feel this way for a woman? A woman I barely know.

“Why don’t I introduce myself? I’m Kelsey. You can call me Kittey if you want. And you?” she asked.

I broke out a small smile. “Leila.”

“Leila? What a nice name. And judging by your looks, you are around six-hundred-years-old are you not?”

I was surprised. “Why, yes! Yes I am! How’d you—“

“I read a lot about your kind and I can tell how old you are. I know a lot more than you think.”

I looked down. “It isn’t a good feeling though. Being immortal and stuff. I couldn’t eat regular food so I need to feed on blood like the rest. But where would I find blood other than trying to feed on an innocent?”

Then, my stomach growled. Kittey, as I would like to call, heard this and covered her mouth as she giggled.

“I think we should get you fed. When was the last time you ate?”

I shrugged. “About a week?”

Her eyes widened. “Oh my gosh. You must be starving!”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing, really.”

Then, I felt her grab my arm and tug. I was immediately on top of her, blushing like a fresh tomato. Confused, I had to ask.

“Uh, what are you doing?”

“Bite me,” she said plainly.


“I said bite me. You need to feed.” Before I could even protest her hand gripped my neck and pulled my face onto her neck, making me instantly bite. “Mmmm…”

I felt her delicious blood seep into my mouth. I suddenly lost all of my senses and began to suck. She moaned loudly as I sucked. It gave me a pleasurable feeling in my body to hear her moan like that. I was losing control…

I might take too much…

I quickly drew away and looked at her with worried eyes. “I shouldn’t take too much. You alright?”

She nodded with a smile. “Yeah. But have as much as you want. I don’t mind.”

She then soaked her hand with the blood from her neck and spread it all over her exposed belly. It was really inviting and I couldn’t really control myself at the moment. I bent my head down and began to lick off the blood from her stomach. She tasted really good. I could feel my very conscience slip away and my animalistic nature soon took over.

I gripped her sides and sank my teeth into her delicate skin, sucking the blood out of her belly. I heard her moan loudly as I sucked harder. I smacked my lips on her skin and licked the blood off. I looked up at her and saw tears on her face.

I finally regain sanity as I looked down at the crying figure below me. I had hurt her and it was my fear of hurting others that shook me. I couldn’t bear to see the sight of such an innocent soul crying because of what I had done to her.

“Oh god,” I gasped. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to—“

Before I could finish my sentence, her lips crashed onto mine. I was shocked by the sudden gesture, but quickly felt myself kiss back. My heart began to skip beats and my chest pounded rather harshly.

My tongue met hers and they were entangled in a fiery waltz. I began massaging her firm breasts. She moaned loudly and I did the same as I felt her own hands caress my ass.

Who knew feeding would lead to sex? And what’s weird…we’ve only just met and for a few minutes.

Yet I feel as if I’ve known her for a while. She’s like a missing piece of my life that I finally found. It’s like we were destined to find each other.

Was the scent I followed really just a coincidence? Or had it lead me here for this purpose? It was crazy. Yet it felt right.

Am I…am I destined to spend the rest of my eternity with this human? How? She cannot live as long as me obviously. Unless…

I pulled away from the kiss and looked into her deep, emerald greed eyes. She was crying, but I sensed she was happy. Happy I was here. Happy I was making love to her right now.

I wanted to spend and eternity with her. I wanted her to share the same fate as me. But I couldn’t bring myself to that conclusion.

She has a life. A very good one I suppose. I don’t want her to watch the people she cares for wither away through time as I do. No. Never. I won’t allow myself to turn her into a vampire like me.

“Leila?” she spoke. “You alright?”

I shook my thoughts off and nodded. “Y-yes. I’m fine Kelsey.”

She smiled. Oh how I loved her smile. It made me feel…warm. How is that possible? I couldn’t even feel hot or cold, let alone warm.

This girl…she’s one of a kind.

“Good. But, if you need to go then I’ll understand.”

I sighed. Yes I indeed needed to get home. I had to stay as far away from her as possible. But I didn’t wanna leave. I wanted to stay and be with this strange girl a bit longer.

“I guess I have to,” I said, disappointment in my voice.

“Unless,” she started. “Unless you wanna stay the night? I live alone in case you’re wondering.”

Actually, I have been wondering. She seems so young to be living alone like this and yet she is. How does she do it?

“W-well…I dunno. You and I barely know each other and plus…I’m a vampire,” I explained glumly.

She laughed. “And you think that would really faze me? I doubt it. Besides…” She inched her face closer to mine. “I like having you around.”

“And how is that?”

She kissed my cheek. “Because I’m in love with you.”

I gasped. Not even for half an hour I’ve known this woman, she tells me she loves me. But who am I to talk? I have feelings for her too.

I smiled shyly. “I think I feel the same way. Your scent led me to you and…well…”

“My scent? Well, I am wearing Lavender Lust.”


I grinned. “Well…since you asked me nicely…” I kissed her again, more passionately than before.

That night was the very first night I had ever fallen in love with someone. Surprising it was in the same sex. But I didn’t mind.

Every night I came into her apartment to see her. Now don’t think it was all because of sex. We would spend some nights chatting, watching movies, or just making out! But we loved each other, period.

Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. And months turned into a whole year. It has been pretty wild for us. Neither of us knew it would turn out this way.

Yet we didn’t mind. We only focused on what happens now than on what happened and what lies ahead. But I had planned ahead of time for ‘our’ future.

If I were to propose, I would give her two things: an engagement ring and a bite on the neck that would surely staple our love for good.

Yes…things get interesting…