Just Like That

by Manjary Singh

“Please god, save me I don’t want to do it. Mary was sitting in a sofa in her hotel room, she just had a chat with her mother and her mother have found suitable match for her and want her to meet him. Marry don’t want to get married with any one she want someone she known n adore. 
At the age of 29 she is still single,her social life is very less or she think did not exist. So what! She is in good position in a renown company, she had work hard to achieve everything she have until now……. And she is happy, why her mother wants her to get marry………….. “well hell with it”!!!! I m here to enjoy my holiday n will enjoy it.
She is going in a date with her current man ………… Tim. let me describe him, he is tall ,dark and handsome every women dreams ,have curly hair with green eyes ………….. as she thought about him applying last bit of makeup. they met in airport when she was not able to get transport because of rain,she did book a cab but it was not there and the cell no was not reachable and there he was to help her …..my hero!!!!the bell rang she open the door and her heart skip with his smile. He was standing there with flowers in his hand.
Hi, he said.” you look beautiful. “So do you “marry said.
Hey!! Men look handsome not beautiful, he grin and kiss her cheek.
“You are an exception”. Marry said greeting him back and he moved in.
The room was like any other room but the woman was amazing, he think. As he see her now he thought beautiful and funny. She make him laugh in the airport as he seen her ,he was drawn to her. She was furious and angry .
As he approach and ask , “may I help you” .
for a second she stare him to take the offer of help or not she didn’t have any option so she said “yes, “‘you can call a cab for me” .
tim said , I can give you lift because taxi n this rain is not possible. 
“I cant take lift from you” marry said. 
“Why not?” Tim asked .
marry said” first of all I don’t know you second you can be a kidnapper or thief “.
He laughed aloud he said,” if I were a thief I would not offer my help I would have snatch your bag and hey and I can kidnap you now I don’t think so it would be hard after all you look light” and laugh again and that make marry really angry she want to kill him . 
light what does he mean by light . “may be I m a little bit shorter form you but don’t underestimate me”. She glare at him.
“Off course never underestimate a women I have heard this before”. She got a feeling that he was laughing but her face was serious but his eye were telling different story. Yes he is laugh at me!!
Tim was amused by her no one have called him thief and kidnapper. And she really look cute when she is angry and if I tell her this then I will be a rapist he thought. This women is crazy why cant she accept my help at least I will drop her safely.
“Look lady its raining hard and it is going to be worse, let me help you”. He said seriously.
Marry fumed and thought like I have a choice damn driver and at least he is right about weather. 
She let him drive her to the hotel and she was so tired she slept all the way.
“Hey sleeping beauty wake up” someone was calling her. She open her eye and and the first thing she notice was his green eyes like ocean water she thought she was dreaming and smiled he touch her cheek “wake up beautiful”. And she came back in reality he was so close to her , she cant think straight his smell was all she can breathe in and her mind stopped working he slowly kissed her cheek “your hotel is here”. 
My god she is beautiful , when she smiled he want to kiss her senselessly and take her then and there but instead he wake her up and the urge of kissing her was so strong it shocked him instead he said “your company was really great I really enjoyed it “. 
Her cheek become red but damn him he was still laughing at him , she replied back furiously “what did you expect that I will entertain you”. His eye become dark and for a moment she stop breathing. The first thing come in her mind was run n she did.
Errrr……….. I should live. Th..ank youu for your help”. She open the door.
“Coward” he said. He helped her with the luggage. 
“I will see to your door”. I want u safe and locked in your room”.
“and why do you want that?”
“because if I will not I will be not able to sleep”?
Marry thought he was joking,but when she looked up at him he was serious.
“So you are here for vacation . I guess.”
“How do you know that?”
“Well it’s a beautiful place. Most people come for vacation.”
As they reached to her room he asked 
So wat r you doing tomorrow?. 
“Well……….i haven’t planned any thing.”
“Good! Tomorrow 6 o clock I will pick you up.”
“Excuse me “.!!!!!!!!!!
“I said tomorrow 6 o clock ……”
She was so annoyed with him “I heard what you said but why should I go out with you………… I don’t even want to go out with you…….. I don’t even……”
“Hey ! its just a dinner. I helped you out and you are going to thank me by buying me a dinner”. Now marry was staring at him furiously.
she opened her mouth to say something …….. but he gave her a quick kiss she was shocked.
“You talk too much lady”. he said and kissed her again and he took his time he teased her ,nipped her lower lip slowly first but as she melted into his arm the kiss deepen . marry was floating, she was still floating when he pulled back.
“tomorrow 6 o clock. And it’s a date. Grinning he left.

To be continued……..