The Lion and The Lamb

by Becx Fitz

My story is called; The lion and the lamb.
It is a fictional love story.

Have you ever loved someone who is completely wrong for you but your life would be nothing without them, well this is my story about the person i really love and could never live without.

I love Edward so much i can hardly breathe when i look a him because his beauty takes my breath away. I think that he may be the one for me. The way he looks at me with such pride and love makes me want ot be with him forever. I cannot imagine my life without him in it, life simply would'nt be worth living if Edward did'nt exist. When i'm with him i cannot hardly take my eyes away, i am almost afraid he will disappear. My love for him could'nt be stronger. But this love is all wrong for both me and Edward, it is wrongs in so many ways such as he can never lose control around me and i have to be so careful not to over think his self-control. There are some could points to our relationship too, such as we are the perfect couple we know we can trust eachother and our love is so strong it is almost unbreakable. And so the lion feel in love with the lamb