by Lucie

She’d had enough of this life and wanted something new, so she packed her bags one night, loaded up the car and stole herself away. She knew what she was doing was selfish and immature, but every bone in her body was telling her that this was the right thing to do. She needed time to think about her life and to decide once and for all what she wanted.

Weeks passed and he wouldn’t stop calling. He sent letters almost every day, flowers and countless emails trying to make her see that it was all in her head; that she was all that mattered to him, but it was no good. She had finally made her mind up. 

What he didn’t realise was that she was sick, too sick to live, that she was months away from leaving this world forever. She still loved him with all her heart and didn’t want to hurt him, but couldn’t stand the idea that he would have to watch her die slowly in pain. She knew in the long run that watching her suffer would break his heart far more than thinking she’d left him. Her only regret was that he’d never know that her heart had only ever belonged to him, that every day she was away from him the cracks on the surface got bigger until the day her heart finally broke.

In the end it wasn’t the cancer that killed her, it was being away from the man she loved. You see, it is possible to die from a broken heart. So live every day as if it’s your last, and love like you have nothing left to lose, after all, love can heal a broken soul, but a broken soul can’t heal a broken heart... .