Forever is Over

by Anonymous

It started off when I was only fourteen, ninth grade; a new student came to my school, a guy.... 
As always, I was one of those girls who was a nerd, attending classes, high standard of assessment task & examinations, never was interested in a guy

I stood up one day, in the science laboratory, I saw him, I knew it would be him, I thought to myself; "One day, I'm going to date you"
I fell for true love first sight. Sounds very cliché...
At the end of ninth grade, first word he ever said to me was "Melody... Relaxxxx" at that same time, he stole my diary and wrote in it, "Happy Christmas Melody, ChipmOnk" & "Happy New Year Melody, ChipmOnk"... Surprisingly, I still have that diary
ChipmOnk... his nickname; can never be forgotten....

It was Christmas holidays, I logged onto my chat site and sent him a message, Christmas day, I sent him a message: "Merry Christmas John" (John is his name) he replied "Merry Christmas Melody", I sent him another message stating that I went for breakfast; as I came back he welcomed me back, he asked "Did you have a healthy breakfast?" I replied "yes, did you?" and he replied "No, I had noodles, it's all artificial" I started to fall for him, he was being so kind to me, it felt as if that I was able to talk to a guy without hesitation

The following year came, tenth grade, we were in the same class.... I remember I use to sit at the front because I couldn't see I was blind; I had glasses. John invited me to sit at the back with him, he would always yell out "Melody!" and tap the table next to him, I would always move and sit next to him, we spoke more and more on. The same year; it was coming up to his sixteenth birthday; I asked him what he would like for a birthday present, he stated a kiss, I questioned him where, with a reply on the lips. I was shocked and amazed, he was one of those boys who was in the "cool" and "gangster" group. I had work experience that week, his birthday; on the 19th of June 2008, a Thursday night; late night shopping, I text him to come down to where I was working for work experience. He came down, I wished him a happy birthday and we walked around the shopping centre. He decided to get a ring, we were at speedy keys, I stood in front of him, as he laid his head on mine; he was 180cm tall, as I was 135cm, big difference yet adorable. He slowly slipped his hand in mine, my heart thumping faster than ever, it was unbelievable, all I was thinking was "Don't look down, don't look down" I didn't, I went with my thoughts and listened to my heart. We walked around for a few moments, then sat down; I quickly gave him a peck stating that I've never done this before, as it happened at lease four times, I kept missing his lips. My parents called me, telling me that we were going home now, I had to keep my relationship as a secret; we held hands as he walked me out. I went to tipytoe to kiss him because I was so short, he rejected me saying "no, you had enough for today" I replied "fine!" and walked off.... it was sprinkling, it was alright, he sent me a text message: "Sorry that I didn't let you kiss me, I didn't want to say goodbye just yet" I smiled and walked off to my parents. 

It was Monday morning, I had to catch the bus to school, I waited at the train station for my boyfriend to approach me, we held hands walking to the bus stop together, he sat down as I sat on top of him, my friend asked "Are you two dating" I looked at him as he nodded, I just gave a grin of happiness. The word spread around my grade that early morning, "Melody and ChipmOnk are dating!"... I had to address the assembly that morning with another member, I asked him how he was, he asked, "How's you and ChipmOnk" I smiled. I was the happiest child alive; a nerd and a gangster; he was a smoker, a party boy, a rebel. How could a nerd and a gangster come together? It was amazing.

Sixteen days later, it was my fifteenth birthday; we went out to bowling together and had McDonald not very romantic but it was amazing; we started making out, I always had a curfew, so I would always check my phone every now and then, John would always use to cover it, until I kissed him then allowed me to check my phone for the time.

Throughout the months of being together, we shared the most beautiful memory ever had. On our first month, I brought him a toy monkey and a dog tag which was wrapped around the monkey; I went to visit him, I called his phone, and his friend picked up, I asked him if he could pick me up from the station where he lived, my boyfriend didn't believe him that I went to visit him. We entered his apartment and his friend walked in first, I slowly crept in and he was looking at me thinking... She's actually here, his friend stated "I told you I was picking her up" he looked amazed. We fell asleep in his bed together, and nothing else happened. The next month later, I was ready to experiment with him, we had little fun. Later on, four months, six days on the 25th October 2008, it was an unbelievable experiment. It kept happening..... We fell for each other further and further. Phone calls every night, explaining how our days were, although we went to the same school, we spoke every night on the phone. Always remembering our little quote before we hung up: "I love you Jahn", "I love you too Melody", "Get a good night sleep yeah?" "Yeah, you too" "Love you moar and forever" "love you moar and forever". One night, he annoyed me, he had his friends over as I wanted to talk to him, I needed his support, he wasn't there. I sent him a text message made him cry that night, our very first fight. Forgive and Forgotten; within a day. We loved each other, I loved him so much. Although, I told him I didn't want him going to parties, he still object to it, he was one of those guys that would pick up any chick without even trying, I felt like I wasn't good enough for him....

A year and a half past, my John went to his friend's 17th birthday, on the 5th of December 2009, he was drunk at his friends party, as that was happening, this girl was drunk as well.... they had a moment together and kissed. He called me up the next day, "hey where are you?" I replied "On my way to camp shopping with my sister", he was like "I did something bad last night." I said "What?" he replied " I kissed another girl" I didn't believe him so I said "oh, really?" and as I took it as a joke; because he would joke around with these stuff. He was like "yes" I questioned him again "REALLY?" and he replied "yes really can you please stop saying that." My heart dropped, I wanted to cry but I couldn't, I was with my sister, as I replied "oh, uhhmmm..... I'll talk to you later then".... I was devastated, yet I couldn't break up with him, I loved him that much; during camp, we had a disco, we made up that night, it was hard to forgive... he made a promise that he wouldn't break up with me, he wouldn't cheat on me, he wouldn't do anything bad. He broke the promise of not cheating, so he decided to stop making promises. It was funny, because a couple of weeks ago we spoke on the phone about cheating. During that time, my friend was dump by her boyfriend, John was the shoulder to lean on, everyday they would be texting each other, getting closer; I thought it would be nothing, just a friend, it became uncomfortable, I tried pretending nothing happened for two months; throughout that time, he said he wouldn't break up with me for her, I told him that she was perfect for him, she completed him; as for I, I was the complete opposite of his "perfect" girl. Our relationship died down during the Christmas holidays. First week back of school it was Higher School Certificates, grade twelve. He avoided me, hung with my so called "friend" most of the time. I called him on a Thursday night, he was out with his friends, I realised he stop saying that he loves me and calling me babe; it was ending.... the next day was the swimming carnival. I sat down, and cried my eyes out, there was a "new" girl, one who I've never recognised before, I asked a friend who she was, it was the girl who kissed John while drunk at the party. I cried even more, John came sat down and wrapped his arms around me, told me to calm down, he yelled out "Julie" she walked over, he questioned her, "who invited you" she replied "alina" he pointed at me, she didn't say anything, I looked up at her, and thought, wow; she is pretty. Then the slight moment, she said "Are you upset cos of me and chippy?". I was thinking what on earth?! who says that?! She walked off, he then asked me if I sent him that message, he was holding his phone. I nod. He stated "It's because I want to break up with you" another promise broken, crushed, crying my eyes out. Before then, while we were dating, I always knew how I would reply if we ever broke up, I replied "So it's over" and shrugged his hands wrapped around my waist. He said, "I've fallen for Vanessa" a friend of mine.... I just bursted into tears; it was the exact same date that he cheated on me, although it was on the 5th of February 2010. We never made it to our second valentines day. A couple of months past, it was my birthday, on the 5th of July 2010, my seventeenth, exactly 5 months..... he text me "yo happy birthday" I was still devastated with the break up. 

He moved on, happily, with his perfect girl, a couple of days later I found out from my friend she told me that John and Vanessa are dating, I broke down at 9pm till 3:30am crying my eyes out. My friend offered to take me out the next day, I decided to go to take my mind off things, he brought me lollipops to cheer me up. 

Today the 16th of October is his one month anniversary with his new girlfriend. Congratulations with him and his girlfriend. Honestly, I still cry every night with the break up, it's been 8 months. A young teenager heartbroken; he was my very first boyfriend ever. I still love him, but I can't do much now....