The Story of Danielle & Roger

by Danielle

True Falling in Love Story

The story of Danielle & Roger

Danielle, Roger & Molly Blue

After having my daughter, I was living with my parents as a single mother and working two jobs trying to save up and get an apartment for us. I worked days as a housekeeper at one hotel and nights as a night auditor in another hotel, trying to squeeze time with my daughter and sleep in between. My life was a busy shuffle.
I tried to date, but it was really hard to fit the time in. I fell hard for the first guy I dated after becoming a mother, but he ultimately broke my heart. It was around this time that I met Roger, the new, tall, brown-eyed breakfast waiter in the hotel's restaurant. He introduced himself the first time he stopped by the front desk. I recall noticing he was attractive and friendly, but I was still jaded from the very recent breakup and just didn't pay much attention to him flirting with me.

One night he was working the night shift for a change, and I had just begun my graveyard shift. He left his deposit and also his phone number, along with his AIM screenname written down on a piece of paper. I tucked it away out of politeness, but didn't call him.
Then another night he requested me as a friend on Myspace and I still didn't think much of it at the time. I looked through his photos on his page and I did think he was very cute, but I just didn't feel right dating anyone, even someone as cute as him.

Plus, he didn't know I have a daughter and I was certain it would taint his view of me. It's not that I was embarrassed about having a baby, because I love my little girl with my very heart and soul, but i was afraid that she would scare off any guy who ever showed interest in me. Part of this was due to the fact that this had contributed to the prior relationship falling apart: that guy had no interest in having a baby in his life and she and I are a package deal.
Roger sent me a message on Myspace (I had never given him my number), and asked me to come hang out sometime. I never responded because I was scared to tell him about my daughter or crush him by telling him I just wasn't ready. Not knowing what to say, I said nothing.

So a year went by, Roger was just this attractive guy that I now felt embarrassed for having turned down. I saw him in various random places around town like the grocery store, the movie rental place, the gas station. We'd always say Hi and chat for a minute and every time I wanted to say something significant, ask him out or have him ask me out, but I chickened out every time. I should also mention I never happened to see him when I had my daughter with me, it was always times when I was out running errands without her.

I started dating a guy who lived an hour away, just sort of fell into that relationship. He would come down on the weekends and yet I wasn't really falling in love with him. It was one of those whatever relationships that's hardly worth mentioning. One night I was at the movie rental place, that boyfriend was outside in the car and I bumped into Roger in line while I returned a movie. We started talking and he asked me out again. Once again I turned him down, only because my boyfriend was outside in the car. I remember how hurt he looked to be making yet another pass and me just acting completely disinterested.

I got in the car and felt kinda bummed about the whole experience. I could see he was really pursuing me, and I was looking like a jerk.
Then, that whatever boyfriend cheated on me 2 months later and broke my heart.

During this time, I discovered that Roger had moved in with my previous ex, the first one I dated after having my daughter. What a pairing I thought. Now, Roger was living with my ex and I knew my ex would talk about me. It bothered me to wonder what Roger thought of me.

So I picked myself and IMed him one night, we struck up a casual conversation and I got around to mentioning him asking me out in the past. I then asked if he'd like to meet up and hang out sometime. He informed me that he now had a girlfriend. I felt a sense of utter frustration and disappointment. I knew I'd missed my chance and I couldn't stop kicking myself.

This went on for months. I would see him out with the girlfriend and every single time I knew I was a fool. I knew he was a catch, but I had been so busy getting over a guy and being ashamed to date as a single mother that I'd let this amazing guy slip past me.
Then came Christmas. It came and went, another lonely one for me. And then I got an IM, from Roger.

He asked if I'd like to meet up, saying he had broken up with his girlfriend and he wanted to see me.
Now was my chance. At this time, my daughter was 2 and a half and 2 years had gone by since we had met. The very first time we hung out, it was at his apartment that he shared with a roommate and a cat.

From the moment I first set foot in that place, I felt at home and I felt like I belonged with this man. Our first dinner together, our first movie on his tv, our first kiss, it all felt the perfect fit in every way. I week later he met my daughter, which he already knew about (silly me didn't consider my OWN photos on Myspace).2 weeks later we told each other we loved each other.

Almost two years later, he, my daughter and I are a happy little family. I feel deep down that he is the man that my daughter and I supposed to be with and that maybe it was our destiny to get together at a certain time and not a moment sooner.