My Best Friend Who Became The Love of My Life

by Anonymous

My Best Friend who later became the love of my life

It all started back in the 2nd grade. I just moved to a new school and didn't know anyone what so ever, then my teacher asked one of the kids in my class to show me around. Then that's when I met my best friend, lets say his name is Logan not his real name). He was awesome and showed me around the whole school and hung out with me until I made friends, he introduced me to his friends, and even told me what swing not to swing on because that one was broken. We were inseparable, we hung out all the time and hung out at each others houses, an stayed on the phone for hours talking about nothing. Through all the hanging outs, playing video games together, endless phone calls, projects together, going to each others games, sitting next to each other on school field trips, and working on homework together, I ended up falling for him. 

It was the summer after 6th grade and we were closer then ever. We called each other and texted each other everyday. But mid way through 7th grade, I got my first boyfriend. And Logan ended up distancing himself from me, and we began to not hang out as much. When me and my boyfriend broke up to my surprise, Logan was still there to help me through the heartache and when my friend asked him if he would get with my. Logan simply replied, "Yeah but she's with Ricky my first boyfriend)." So it turns out that Logan was being the nice one because he wanted me to just be happy. 

But then going into high school we stopped talking completely, because I went to a different school. We rarely talk only when we see each other at the park or walking around our city. And every time I see him, I think 'Man I wish I would of just told you how I felt instead of keeping it in. Now look at us.' :( 

Now were both sophomores and we still don't talk as much. He still hasn't gotten a girlfriend and every guy I ever like, I think there not as good as Logan would of been. But then I met Edgar who's on my dance team and we are pretty close to getting together and for the first time in a long time, I think I might actually be in love again. And now thanks to Logan, I know not to wait forever to tell the guy I like, that I like him.