Young Love

by karolina kudlacz

Young Love

14 seems kind of young to say your in love right? apparently it's possible though.

it was the start of 9th grade when i first noticed him we've been going to the same schools since kindergarten but he never really stood out of the crowd he was incredibly shy and i didn't even notice he existed. The first month back at school our teacher decided to plan a trip for our class and of course the whole class couldn't wait to go. 

And since the school had a lot of money and all of the parents agreed and paid to money necessary within the next few months we were getting ready to go to LONDON !! yeah you heard it right LONDON I've never left the country let alone go all the way to London. This is where our story began we had a seating plan on the plane and i sat next to him (Daniel) we didn't talk much at first but that changed after a couple of hours we were talking about our families childhoods past relationships and embarrassing stories i had a great time talking to him and i kind of started to like him. 

I never noticed it before but he was really really handsome he was sweet and i absolutely loved his crystal blue eyes. I couldn't understand why he was so shy he had all the things every guy wanted and yet he was so humble, that's one of the many things i liked about him. a couple more hours later i woke up to find myself cuddled into his side my head on his chest and both his arms wrapped around me so tight i couldn't move, i felt my heart pounding and a guy has never made me feel that way before so i decided i'll start talking to him more often maybe introduce him to my friends and hang out. 

By the time we got to the hotel we were staying at he knew almost everything about me and we had grown quite close so i was thrilled to find out he was in the room next to mine. We done a lot of sight seeing the next few days so i didn't see him much because we were split up into groups and he wasn't in mine. But as the week was coming to an end me and my friends managed to convince our teacher to let us have a day of on when we can go of on our own. i bumped into him in the lobby and i asked if he wanted to hang out with me and my friends that day he smiled his million dollar smile and agreed. 

The next day me my friends and Daniel were in central London looking round oxford street and taking a million pictures i was having a total blast! we bought some stuff and it was dark so we were walking back to the hotel. it just so happened that i was walking next to Daniel we were talking about the first day we met in kindergarten when i tripped on the curb and i was about to fall flat on my face when he reached out and grabbed me before i managed to hit the ground. I blushed because once he pulled me back to my feet we were standing so close i could feel his heartbeat against my chest and just like mine it was beating a lot faster than normal i looked up in his eyes and i suddenly found myself leaning in he did the same and we kissed. 

The most perfect kiss ever standing in the middle of oxford street surrounded by bright lights. When we pulled away he smiled stared at me for a second then grabbed my hand and we started walking again. By the time we got back to the hotel my friends were already waiting for us in the lobby looking furious but they calmed down after i explained what happened (leaving out the kissing of course) soon after we got back home we started dating and he became a bigger part of my life than i expected i saw him everyday and my group of friends soon accepted him to so we hung out all the time. He was such a romantic always taking me on dates bringing me flowers telling me i was beautiful and i felt like i was dreaming. I mean this only happens in movies right?

 ... wrong he was absolutely real and after a couple of months of dating he told me he loved me. I felt like my head was spinning and i was going crazy he told me that he knows it sounds crazy and irrational and that it's really young to be in love but it's true, he told me he doesn't want me to say it back if i don't love him that he wont rush me into anything. So everything carried on the same... well apart from the butterflies i got every time he told me he loved me. He seemed impossibly perfect and almost a year later i admitted i loved him to. 

His eyes lit up and i've never seen him happier. He still gets that look in his eyes every time i tell him i love him... it's been 6 years and he still looks like he's on cloud 9 when i say it. a lot has changed in my life but he'll always be a part of me he's made me happy for 6 years now and i wouldn't change a thing about him or our relationship he's perfect and i love him to death i'd never wanna live a second without him.