Puppy Love

by Anonymous

I has just completed 9th grade and going into 10th grade. It was during the summer vacation. My best friend Myrtle (as we were inseparable) had this cute boyfriend (let’s name him Jack) from 8th grade and I was happy for her. Now I was the only one who knew that she had something going on as a side dish but kept her secret safe. During the vacation, Jack came to know through some friends about her and questioned me. I said it was a lie and if he needs to know, he should ask her, not me. I stayed out of it and refused to say anything to Jack. He met me a couple of times at my cousin’s place as his friend Tom was seeing my cousin. Since Jack came over, he would keep grilling me and I would just refuse to say anything. In the course of two weeks, the unexpected happened. We fell in love with each other. It was my first time and my heart used to race when I saw him coming.

I know this maybe wrong because she was my best friend. I told him I would have to think about it. I approached my Mum and told her the entire thing and asked if it was right to go around with him. She told me if he has been cheated on by your friend then I should not feel guilty at all. So I started going out with him but the guilt was killing me so I went across to her place and told her. She asked me to call it off immediately and I did. But that one month of not seeing him, drove me crazy. I was totally and madly in love. The tears would not stop and the pain would not go away.

Then school began and she started meeting him during the break (as she was not allowed out of the house as her Mum was very strict). And they had fights and he confronted her with having slept with someone else and broke it off finally. She came back to school and just would not talk to me. I was surprised as I didn’t do anything to deserve her silence. I was doing exactly what she wanted and stayed away from him even though it hurt. 

He came later that evening to my place. The moment I heard his bike, I knew we were meant to be together. I decided that LOVE would win because friendship LOST earlier that day when she broke up with me, for nothing. She was responsible for driving him away but drove me away as well. Today, neither of us have ended up with Jack, and he is married to someone else. But I realize today, it was not love but PUPPY LOVE, a bunch of immature school girls and a friendship lost which could have lasted a lifetime. I miss you Myrtle!!!

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A Friend who misses A Friend