My Story

by Anonymous

I've been living in my colony for 14 years now and he shifted in just 6 years ago right above my house. We used to talk in the beginning, everyone did. We would play hide and seek and sometimes have a cycling race but slowly as we grew older, according to society girls and guys could not just be friends. If i would ever say hi to him or talk to him all the elders would gossip. Even though i was just ten and he was a year older than me his stupid friends would make fun of us and tease us if we even looked at eachother and smiled. 

I never let go of the idea of trying to talk to him. But that had become tough as he just ran away from me every time he saw me. Apparently one of his friends came up with this theory that we liked each other and he was afraid that his parents would get to know. So every time we crossed paths or met anywhere else he would either turn around or just not talk to me at all. We were never THAT good friends also but it just annoyed me. To my unexpectedness as 3 years pasted he turned out to be very cute and had the most amazing haircut.

After a few months he added me as a friend on facebook and started chatting with me. I expected him to talk to me the next day or at least say hi considering the way he was chatting with me and for all that time we had spent behind the screens. But he didn't. So i did. The next thing he did was criticise me, over chat, for saying hi. He told me that he didn't want his parents to find out and didn't want his friends saying things either. I was upset, obviously, but i didn't say anything to him on chat or the next day or the days after that. We continued to chat and slowly i did develop a small crush but didn't ponder over it too much. 

I felt something from his side aswell, but i wasn't sure. Whenever i would go to the park i would try to wear my best clothes and try to keep looking at him, trying to give him a hint but there was nothing else i could do about it. I thought he got what i was saying or rather trying to say but apart from looking back at me he did nothing. My exams came up and i was more involved in my books. During that time things started to loosen up but i didn't bother. After my results i noticed that he didn't come online or in the park. 

A month past but i saw only once in his car. I started to get curious so i asked a friend if she could get me his number. And she did. That night i did something i would never ever do again. I messaged him anonymously saying that i had got a missed call from his number. He called me back apologising and said that he had never called this number. Then he asked me who i was. When i told him my name he just hung up. I was scared and felt stupid about myself. Then he messaeged me saying that he was sorry for being mean and he told me who he was. He said we could talk this way now aand it was good because it was more personal. I had never spoken to him verbally since our last hide and seek game but i knew he as the one. I actually wanted him. I smsd him almost everyday and he replyed back. But i also wanted to talk to him. Verbally.

This carried on for about a month and then my dad had a heartattack. He was abroad and my mom had to go that night to be with him. Me and my sister were all alone and she didnt know. I was so sad and heart brokken when my sister asked me where they had gone that i didnt know what to say to her. I literly ran out of my house to the back garden and sat on a bench a cried my eyes out. My eyes were so hazzy that i couldnt see the person walking towards me. As he came closer i figured who he was. I whipped my tears and started to walk to the bench on the other end. Just then he grabbed my hand and hugged me. I couldnt stop my tears. He held me and made me sit on the nearest bench and sat on the ground infront of me. He held my hand as i told him everything. He said he would do anything to help if he could and said i could call him at anytime of the night to talk or cry or anything. I didnt know what to say. I just kept starring at him. I think he understood what i was trying to convey because the next thing he said to me was "I know, I like you too."

p.s.- its a true story