Love Story

by Jacqueline Callahan

Hi-- my boyfriend always teases me and says i live in a fairy tale.. so for our anniversary i wrote him our love story in the form of a fairy tale.. it's all the truth :) 

be inspired-

On September 26th 2009 she found him sitting on a table in the back of a local beach bar. His friends were bizarre to say at the least- in fact, one was dressed as a lion... As the lion entertained the Serbian Princess the boy and the girl frolicked around...The night seemed to last forever, yet end so quickly. All she knew was that he lived on a magical island and worked as a protector of humans in the ocean. Would she ever see her prince again?

but of course... "cupid only misses sometimes" So, that next day the universe had her taking a path she normally never took, and just like magic he was in the road. Just in case she would have missed him, they made sure he was holding a large surfboard. The one he won, the same night he won the girl. Later she would learn that the universe regularly provided him gifts as he embarked on his journey to the special island. Soon they would learn the girl cared for children near where the boy lived. At last, they meet again. At the time she did not notice, but the town was called- "island in the hills" it had been enchanting all along. So, it went on like this for the next few days. The girl was instantly captivated. Understand for her it was not just a giddy, lustful feeling, rather, a deep, intense, calm feeling. The feeling she had always longed for. The days were passing, and soon he would leave the city for the island. Her only wish was to love him until he did- and that is just what happened. So, the morning came and they kissed goodbye. Just like that she walked away, he rode off into the sun and she did not look back once.

Days passed.. the next conversation went something like this-
boy "i love that you say that.i want you to know how special it was having you run into my life. i wasn't sure about you at first but every chapter i opened up in the book of jackie was so beautiful, i feel the same way, i can't get you out of my head. i love the way you put your words together. 

girl "seriously..when i would drive home i couldn't stop thinking about the stuff you said.. i can never be around someone for a lot of time with out getting annoyed, but with you i just felt comfortable and at was such a good feeling..i don't want to lose you"
boy "maybe i'll come home in December this year"

or maybe the girl will take a journey to the island....against all odds she decides to go. she never did know how to listen to advice, she could only hear her heart, and thank goodness for that. On that island she saw an even more beautiful side of the boy. 

one may say he was brave, witty, adventurous, & strong. one may say she was gracious, filled with love, and more introverted. the thing is though- they were reflections of each other in their own special way. the had all the same qualities, and what they did not share created a perfect balance. he was himself and she was herself, and they both respected that. it was the secret recipe to what they would one day build. 

again though- their time had expired. she had a dream of changing the world in subtle way, she would return to the city to study. the boy had a glow inside him, he would go to the next island and follow his own dreams. when you love something it's okay to set them free. however, this time when she left that island- tears filled her eyes. tears of joy for everything she had experienced and tears of fear that she would not like the way missing him would feel. still no rules or expectations- what's meant to be will be.

Over the next few months, they lived their lives. So far apart, but for her she took a little piece of him from that island.. she carried it in her heart and you could see it through her eyes. One day they would meet again. The difference now was that they did not share a fantasy life on a magical island, instead they lived fast paced lives in the land of the wild. She never knew what would happen, she just knew he was special and was happy to know him at all. She enjoyed watching him live in this wild land, he was silly and it was allowed because she already saw him in the purest form. Easter came, it was a beautiful day- and God told her was okay to let herself love him fully- He even shook the Earth, and they were the only ones he lifted up. He took her to where he went to college, and she saw a new side of him. She liked that one too. He took her to a ranch, and again there she saw a new side. Was he a chameleon? 

Next, they took an adventure to a MAGiCAL FoREST, three days of beauty,music,love,creativity,peace,nature, and ultimate happiness and joy. he might not remember but they got married in the stars that night and things would be from different from there on out. 

They returned to the city and moved into a castle on the beach. They learned that with everything they did, they could dream bigger and that's just what they did. 

the rest, well it's still unwritten.