Real pain

by Kaitlin ketchum

Most of the stories on here are written by lovestruck teenagers from broken famalies that are lost and lonely and scared, possibly confused. 

i am a teenager, but not lovestruck. my family is, no matter how much i try to avoid the fact, broken. but this is not what my story is about.

the past is the past and my broken family doesn't affect me anymore. i will always miss my dad, but he is behind me now. my broken heart will heal and i will get over that boy in time and move on, and i can accept that. this is the story of my grandfather. 

i never thought i would see him like that. tubes in his arms, monitors and machines hooked up to him, sleeping in a hospital bed.

i always thought he'd be mr. grandpa, the man whose lap i could sit on and read with, feed the catfish with, go outside and play with.

How did he become this thing in the bed? i barely reconized him. all of the livliness he once possessed was gone, all of the fun had went away, and he no longer remembered.

What could hurt me more than seeing him in so much pain was seeing him not remember a thing. he didn't reconize anyone, not a soul. the alzhiemer's had taken him away.

Everyone could see him struggling to get the long gone memories back and it killed us all inside. 

We buried him in november. it was cold and raining, but the outcome was incredible. everyone came to the old veteran's funeral. everyone came to see the man whose cancer and alzhiemers had beaten him.

I cried in the rain as my handfull of dirt hit his coffin. i was only little, only about 8 years old, but i understood. that was how i learned real pain.As i read these stories about teenagers whose boyfriends or girlfriends broke up with them and how it was the end of their world, i wonder how they would have reacted to this.

their stories don't speak of real pain. i overcame the loss of my best friend 5 years ago, when i was 8. you can overcome a break up now at your age.